Blog 2020 09 12 Happy International Programmers' Day

Happy International Programmers' Day

Dear Fellow Programmers,

If there is one day in the year when we can stop a bit and reflect on the importance of our jobs, this is it. I strongly believe that all jobs, all work is valuable. I never looked down with a stiff nose on anyone because they did something lesser paid or something that - according to people more clever than me - delivers less added value.

Work itself has a tremendous value compared to sitting on the couch and doing nothing.

But I digressed. Or did I?

The point is the representatives of whatever profession can take pride in theirs and they should. We should. Of course, without belittling any other.

Face it, crafting software is everywhere. Probably it’s not the most glamourous job or not the most exciting one. Yet, we change the world for the better or worse. Today, let’s focus on the better part.

We write software that connects families scattered in a country, on a continent, or around the whole globe. Sometimes just connect them virtually, but sometimes physically.

We write software that helps people travel during their well-earned vacations. They can book their airplane tickets, their rental cars easier than ever. This latter is what I help with.

We write software that brings knowledge closer to everyone and makes it possible for more people than ever to learn languages, history, math, physics, or God forbid computer science!

We write software saving lives, either through helping doctors to perform surgeries or by writing algorithms helping to identify lethal illnesses before they turn way too serious. Or by analyzing viruses so that doctors can provide treatment.

We write software helping trucks slow down in insanely small time when a small folk runs on the road chasing his ball. We write software making airplanes safer. Yes, even after the year behind us.

We write software that help us in almost all areas of life. We should continue to do so and concentrate even more on doing the the thing that we feel right.

This is the 256th day of the year, 12th September. I wish you a happy programmers’ day!

How your software makes the world a better place?

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