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I’m a enthusiastic speaker who can loves sharing knowledge with a pinch of entertainment. I enjoy talking about programming, technology, traveling and stoic philosophy and how they all relate to our daily life.

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C++ On Sea 2020: Undefined behaviour in the STL

In this talk, I briefly spoke about what undefined behaviour is and what dangers it can bring to our software - to our products. Then I demonstrated that the undefined behaviour is there even in the standard library, in containers, in algorithms. Afterwards, I explained that such behaviour was introduced with care and purpose. We went through some more interesting cases and we will also see how we can protect ourselves.

Agile Tour Sophia 2020: Refocus on the agile developer

In this talk, I spoke about the importance of not forgetting about the developer in the midst of the agile transformation.

After a brief recap on the history of agile, I enumerate the different agile practices and in particular the dev practices.

I make the point that though agile was made by the developers for the developers, we too often forget about the origins and we demote agile into some project management techniques.

In the second half of the presentation, I speak about some of the most important agile dev practices.

DevOps D-Day #5: Zuckerberg’s gray T-Shirt and coding guidelines

In this talk I tried to explain why using coding guidelines is in everyone’s best interest, including the coder, the readers (usually other developers) and the management as well.

I am a bit obsessed when it comes to coding guidelines, even if I don’t like each and every single one that I have to use. Still, I try to follow these standards, not because someone just said so but in my opinion, they can help us in many different ways.

Good coding standards are beneficial for all involved parties, even though they are quite biased. They are optimised for the reader, not for the writer. Of course, there is a reason behind. Code is read much more frequently than written. While a lack of standards can make your code unreadable, a piece of “code that is written using consistent guidelines is easier for other reviewers to understand and assimilate, improving the efficacy of the defect detection process”.

Besides, “the best way to end up mediocre is via tiny compromises”. We should take our time to check in clean and consistent code that we are proud of. It will not just improve the quality of the software we are working on, but will push our career into a better direction too.

Soirée de Test Logiciel 2019: Treat Your Unit Tests as Production Code

In this session, I showed different definitions on how test and production code relate to each other.

We discovered what factors are limiting our confidence in our unit test suite and what are the available techniques to tackle those problems.

Among others, we learnt how high coupling of production and test code harms your test suite. I showed how testing implementation leads to unmaintainable tests that break every time you refactor your production code. Such tests eventually lead to a decreasing coverage and confidence.

Instead, we learnt how to design tests that exercise an API, a behaviour. We saw how such tests lead to separately evolving unit test and production codebases.

By the end of the presentation, we understood what test contravariance (by Robert C. Martin) is and how readability and maintainability is essential in keeping your unit tests green in the long run.

Agile Tour Sophia 2019: Zuckerberg’s gray T-Shirt and coding guidelines

RivieraDev 2019: Be your own baker

Seven years ago we started to occasionally prepare bread ourselves. We used a very simple recipe containing only a few ingredients. It did not require any kneading and was quite fast to prepare. Yes, it used dry yeast.

Later, we bought a bread machine and while we were still using dry yeast, kneading got involved along with a lot more ingredients. Once I told a friend of mine whose father is a baker in the North of France and he looked at me with a certain level of suspicion. Aurélien told me in bread, there should be no sugar. Flour, water and salt. That’s all you need.

He was right. For the last two years, we are raising our own sourdough. Multiple types. Yes. We raise them. Like children. They are living creatures with their own characters.

Different kinds of sourdoughs give different special flavours for pastries. Flavours that you cannot achieve by using dry yeast.

At this small atelier, I showed how you can raise your own sourdough, you could TASTE some bread and cakes and you learnt how to prepare them, you could even copy my pastry!

RivieraDev 2018: Work hard, travel hard

Want to make the most out of your vacations? We too! The first time we went on holidays with my wife, we miserably failed to organize it. We lacked information, plans and plan B. We wasted so much time, we almost missed some reservations, we never ever wanted to live through the same experience again.

Since then we developed and fine-tuned our techniques not just to find great quality/price accommodations, but to find cheap and at the same time great local excursions, to avoid tourist traps and to plan our days so that we can make the most out of them always keeping some options open just in case something goes wrong or we just simply finish a bit quicker than expected.

This might sound exaggerated, but even according to those friends and colleagues who visited the same places as we did, planning vacations as we do works pretty well!

In this presentation, I even showed that you can enjoy a Michelin starred lunch in Tokyo just for about 10 Euros!

Soirée de Test Logiciel 2017: Test Driven Development with graph databases

In this workshop, you could learn the basics of graph databases, in particular of Neo4j. Then together we went through some exercises creating an application with test driven development querying a Neo4j graph database.