Blog 2019 03 06 Code Ahead by Yegor Bugayenko

Code Ahead by Yegor Bugayenko

Code Ahead, what shall I call you? You are a novel. A fiction. Yet according to you, you’re semi-autobiographical. You are a rather exact picture of how things go in software development. Yet you’re also a manifesto of how things should go instead. You give lots of pieces of advice on “programming, debugging, releasing, testing, organizing, teamwork and management issues”.

First, I find a bit difficult to read you because of the tons of footnotes which take up sometimes more than half of the page. You use a lot of references and explanations. But I realized that I should read those in a second run when I’d update my reading list. You provide a lot of values. Focusing just on the main text first made you very enjoyable.

In fact, I think even though that your author is a software architect he is also a rather gifted writer. Maybe he could write a similar book that greater masses would find entertaining. Maybe it wouldn’t be entertaining at all without the wry humour about software architecture and management that he knows well. Who knows, maybe Yegor should try. While the posts on his blog sometimes often are very provocative, on your pages the same ideas are less harsh and rather act as food for thought.

Code Ahead, I am waiting for your next volume, even though I find almost 41 bucks quite a lot for you. In the end, it’s no more than a couple of double lattes with rainbow dust.

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