Blog 2019 02 27 Do your job

Do your job

It’s so easy to tell anyone that he shouldn’t care about this and that. He shouldn’t complain what the other does, shouldn’t care about the inhibitory conditions. But do you do your own job when you are doing this?

As sportscaster Adam Lefkoe said about one of NFL’s most renowned coaches in an interview with The Daily Stoic,

“I find Belichick’s mantra “Do Your Job” to be a three-word embodiment of Stoicism. He is defined by his intense focus and dispassionate nature. He lives for process. He prepares for any possible situation or outcome. He works harder than any other coach in the NFL and doesn’t have time to worry about losses… he’s “on to Cincinnati.”

“Marcus Aurelius says to approach each task as if it were your last, because it very well could be. And even if it isn’t, botching what’s right in front of you doesn’t help anything. Find clarity in the simplicity of doing your job today” adds Ryan Holiday.

During my not so long career I’ve seen so many people who will just find any excuse in order not to do their job. These people will always find something that they can complain about. Something that they can use as a shelter trying to hide from the tasks coming towards them. Or if those duties eventually make them work, them same excuses will serve as poor justifications for low quality work.

I try to avoid interacting with them as much as possible.

I just don’t agree with their approach and I think most of the time it is impossible to change someone through arguments. You can try to teach someone if that person asks for some guidance. In that case, it’s always better to teach them how to fish than giving them one or even a huge swarm.

But if nobody asks for your opinion, better to keep it for yourself and to focus on your job. The only through way of educating people is showing a good example anyway.

Just as you should care that much about what your colleagues do, you shouldn’t be emotionally attached to the output of your work. Do you worry about whether your code will be loaded this week or next week to production? You shouldn’t care as long as you did your best writing the code and submitting it for the necessary loads. You did your part, it’s not your problem anymore - if it really isn’t based on your processes. Just pick a new problem ticket/user story/whatever and continue doing your job as good as you can.

This approach helps you not getting stressed about things you are not responsible for and it helps you keep the focus on your job and actually to keep a better work/life balance.

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