Blog 2018 04 13 New design - just keep it simple

New design - just keep it simple

My blog is powered by Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages. To build it I learnt a lot about HTML, CSS, Javascript and the Jekyll framework itself. It’s been a great experience. Although, I’m neither a web designer nor a front-end developer. It’s not my speciality to build a sexy site from scratch. However, by now I learnt the listed technologies well enough so that I can pick a theme, understand how it works under the hood and customize it to match my needs.

A few weeks ago when I started to build the Frugal Riviera Blog, I knew that I need something nice and that I don’t have the time or will to build on my own. Looking at my eyes gazed upon Type on Strap by Sylhare. I liked the design and after some small changes, it started to work as I wanted.

Then first I migrated my wife’s blog and the last weekend I finished mine as well. The most difficult part of my migration was to select pictures for the main pages. So it was easy thanks to Sylhare.

And a big thanks to everyone who reads my blog!

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