Blog 2018 01 03 New year, a new beginning

New year, a new beginning

You can change anytime, and you should not put something off just to wait for a Monday, a 1st of the month or for 1st of January. Change it now. Do it now.

Anyway, when I say that this January is a new beginning for me I say it because after 4 years and a half I left my former team to join another one to work on car rental reservation systems. This change officially happened on the 1st of January.

Hard to say a lot after one work day, but so far so good. Teammates seem to be helpful, the welcome was packed with lots of information. It seems there are many things documented which is good.

It also seems like that I will not have to chase my manager to click on the approve button on time, just for something we already agreed-on. This is great, no explanation is needed…

Unfortunately, the office is not yet renovated to the latest company standards, but I guess it will change soon. There are not enough parking places, that’s a pain point for many - less for me. There is actually an application where you have to register your car and it allocates a place for you - or not - based on availability and your past consumption. I come early, so for me, it’d be better just a first come first serve “system”, but this is fairer. My early arrival also means that I can find places outside our parking easier.

For the time being, I try to install our software, run the tests, check the code etc. In other words, I’m doing the ramp up. I want to start contributing as soon as possible and to start applying what I read in Michael C. Feathers’ Working Effectively with Legacy Code.

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