Blog 2017 04 25 Joining a new project soon

Joining a new project soon

I am going to work on a so called product#on. In my company’s terms it means a usually 3, or in this case a 6 months assignment where the participants work in startup mode.

Okay. Maybe not in startup mode - I never worked in a startup. But the goal is to get isolated from your original team and temporarily work on a new product. Normally on a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). I don’t want to write down the details of the project but it involves data processing, big data, functional programming and the cloud.

It’s definitely something I was hoping for, I was looking for.

A few months ago I already went to a presentation of another product#on, but I was not engaged. I didn’t feel so excited about it, although the idea was interesting. This time, it was different. I knew immediately I wanted to join. The idea, the listed technologies, both seemed a great opportunity which I had to seize.

Of course it’s not so simple, you cannot just apply you need the support of your management.

To get the final approval from them was not fast but they were really helpful. I was in contact with my unit manager (level+1), he shared with me the concerns, burocretic problems they were facing, he didn’t just bullshit around. My senior manager (level+2) helped me a lot, even her manager.

They made it possible that I can join the project not only for three but for six months which more than I have hoped for, more than I have imagined. I am grateful for them and for myself. I asked for help and they did not treat me as a traitor who just wants to leave the team.

They gave me a hand.

I experienced once again that it’s worth to ask. Even you don’t get what you want right away, still you might get it.

Don’t be afraid, be bold and ask for it.

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