Blog 2017 06 09 4 Hours Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

4 Hours Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

Wow. If half of it, half of his stories are true, he is really a special guy. One with creativity and grit. Grit towards not to work for the sake of work, that’s for sure.

Even if you are not fond of his life style or you don’t want to change your kinda safe and secure life, I think it is a must read. To see there are other ways.

Long story short, do work remotely, either in your current job or start an online business. Eliminate and/or outsource every task you can, focus on the 20% which brings 80% of your results and live like a rock star. Preferably in cheaper cities/countries than your actual one.

I’m happy with my current job, but obviously I have goals. Bigger goals. But I have understood recently - not only because of this book - that I need clearer goals. Clearer and bigger goals. And habits of course - different story.

That’s up to me to define them soon. Sooner then that! Possibly 20 years ago, if not, now!

But I also want to think about a muse. A muse is an automated online business which finances my dreamlines. Oh, I need dreamlines too.

Let’s get to work on those.

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