Blog 2017 04 12 Returned from Japan

Returned from Japan

It was fantastic and tiring. And finally I fulfilled a 5 year old promise of mine to my wife that I’d go to Japan with her.

When I was in Spain a few months before, I could spend each day some time in front my computer to learn, to practice and to read (as I broke my kindle and didn’t bring paper books). It was not the case this time. Although I had an intact Kindle I barely had time to read a few articles on my phone while being on the metro or on some trains.

Mostly articles about self-improvement in general. How to be more productive, more effective, how to reach our dreams - while just acheiving one of ours.

So now I am back with renewed forces to pursue my goals and interests. Soon I am going to write a new article about a new challenge ahead of me. I can’t wait sharing it.

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