Blog 2021 02 06 I released my first book: How to use const in C++

I released my first book: How to use const in C++

I’ve got some great news to share with you. Based on my series on when to use const in C++, I wrote a book on the same topic and I released it on LeanPub!

How to use const in C++ cover

In the book, I discuss the idea of constness which is so important that in certain languages entities are const, in other words, immutable by default. If you want to become a seasoned C++ developer, you must understand how you can use const correctly. In this book, you’ll learn when and how to use it in the different contexts it might appear:

  • const functions
  • const local variables
  • const member variables
  • const return types
  • const parameters

Compared to the series of articles, the book contains extra code examples, more explanations and also the differences between const west and east const - without starting a holy war on different coding styles.

If you are interested, check it out How to use const in C++ on LeanPub

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