Blog 2019 05 22 It's - not - so easy

It's - not - so easy

Damnjan Jovanovic in his article reacted to five “easy for you announcements” that developers usually receive. I thought that my reply would be too long for a comment, so I turned it into a post.

It is easy for you to find a job

It is easy for me to find a job. Period. Wait, maybe not. Well, it depends. If I’m too inexperienced it’s not so easy, because so frequently even for junior developers should have a shitload of skills that they can mostly get if they have already worked. But they haven’t…

If I’m a more experienced developer, it’s difficult for another reason. I become picky about what and with whom I want to work. There are so many bad and/or ignorant developers, poor managers, project coordinators and it’s difficult to identify them from the outside. Maybe I have a lot of choices, but I’m not willing to work with just anyone. How to filter out those projects/people/company that’s another question.

Let’s say I don’t want to be so picky and I just accept anything. In that case, it was indeed easy to find a job. But if I chose not so cautiously, I might set back my career and make my future choices more difficult.

To find a good job, it’s not so easy, the recruiters are not out there just to please me.

It is easy for you to build that website/software/hack, you are developer after all

Let’s ignore all the possible issues and problems we might face and accept that it’s true. But then it’s okay to tell a carpenter that it’s easy to for him to make some furniture ‘cause that’s his job. It’s easy for the chef to cook. In the end, it’s his job, right? It’s easy for the lawyer to write a contract, what the heck! That’s her job, isn’t it?

It is easy for you to work remotely

I have not worked from home yet on a regular basis. And you know why? Because I don’t find it easier than coming to the office. I’d need space at home to set up an office. Space is a lot of money, especially in a big city or on the French Riviera - where I live. The home office setup itself also cost some, but maybe your company subsidizes it, or you decide to pay for it. Fine.

Do you have children at home? Is it easy to work with them? Maybe not so much more difficult than with constantly chatting adults who even bring their pets to the office ignoring those who are allergic to fur…

It is easy for you to get a lot of money for little work

I understand the fury, envy and jealousy. But it’s no more than that. It’s easy to think about something that you don’t understand at all that it is easy. It’s not. I don’t say that it’s the most difficult job, but it’s not the easiest either. I won’t say that it’s stressing because it is not. No job is stressing. It depends all on you. It’s a matter of how you perceive things. (I do agree that some jobs can invoke stress easier in people who are more prone to it!)

Yeah, we do make a lot of money compared to some other professions. But we do less than others. Anyhow, it’s a matter of choice and dedication. I don’t come from a rich family or a fancy neighbourhood. Of course, there are a lot more coming from way more difficult circumstances. But I knew what I wanted to become and why. I didn’t become a developer only because of a stable and steady income, but that’s also part of the equation.

I was interested in a lot of other things. Geography, history, philosophy to name a few. But I understood that with professions based on some other interests I would have had worse chances to break out from the milieu I’m coming from. I can still read a lot about other topics I’m interested in while I don’t have to make my children choose between ham and cheese.

I think I’m the only responsible for my failures and I’m mostly - but not solely - responsible for my success. The way is never easy.

It is easy for you to change a job

It is as easy as finding a job. Except that we should mention that hopping to another job too frequently is not considered a great thing, but staying for too much time also hurts your career. What to do? I’m not sure, I’m more the loyal staying one so far. It’s not necessarily an easy choice, but it’s my choice, so I have nothing to complain about.

There is nothing black and white - except for the chess board maybe… Being a developer brought me a lot of possibilities and a pleasant lifestyle, but it’s not all unicorns with rainbow dust. With more possibilities, more decisions and responsibility came and besides it’s me who is responsible for where I am. Either if I like it or not.

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