Blog 2019 03 27 Effective Modern C++ by Scott Meyers

Effective Modern C++ by Scott Meyers

Effective Modern C++ is the book with the biggest impact on my professional life recently. As I’ve written already, I used to work with older versions of C++, mostly with C++03. Scott Meyers in Effective Modern C++ explains the new elements of C++11 and goes into details about the tips and tricks about them.

He has 42 (coincidence? I doubt…) items split into 8 chapters. If you speak a little bit of modern C++, you’ll realize who important those chapters are. Lambdas, Move Semantics, Smart Pointers, the auto keyword. Just to name half of them.

Although this book doesn’t have to be read from cover to cover, I think it’s worth it. But keep it close to you, because it’s the kind of book, you’d be glad to check once in a while. Either for looking up something specific or just to reread some of the item titles and their key takeaways.

This book is not for those who just started their C++ journey, it’s rather for those who are already familiar with the syntax and worked on at least smaller projects, but either want to make their move to C++11 or just want a better understanding of modern C++.

As usual, Scott Meyers didn’t disappoint us with his book, Effective Modern C++, a must-read for C++ programmers.

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