Blog 2018 10 12 Ryan Holiday: Ego is The Enemy

Ryan Holiday: Ego is The Enemy

This is one of my latest reads. I think its title is quite unambiguous. Ego is The Enemy is about your life. It’s about how you approach the everydays and how most of us fuck it up. We are not humble enough and our ego steps in just way too frequently. One of the best known contemporary philosophers, Ryan Holiday reveals the whole process of ruining your life with the lack of humility to you through a lot stories about historical and also about more celebrity-like persons.”

He doesn’t bat you telling you’re an egoistic bastard like some psychologists would do, but he rather makes you come up with that idea on your own.

I think his bottom line is that if you are aware of this piece of human nature and you try to act against it by being more humble, and if you practice humility you will achieve higher goals.

I would say this is a very important book not just for (aspiring) managers, but for anyone who ever has to interact with anyone else. So it’s really for all of us and besides, it’s an enjoyable read! Not true for each book that balances on the border between philosophy and psychology.

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