We are living in a world where anywhere you turn, someone will bark in your face how successful he or she is. How much he likes his life and that if you are not a zillionaire by the age of 30 you are nothing but a douchebag. Okay, this might sound like a little bit of exaggeration, but not that much to be honest.

What is definitely true that this is not the world anymore where most of the people will just simply take the baton from their parents and continue with that whatever business or profession right until their own children would take over the very same baton. You want to find your calling. You want to do something meaningful - at least to you and that is difficult it.

Chris Guillebeau the author of the best selling The $100 Startup attempts to give you a process to find your dream job, to win the jackpot on Your Career Lottery. Luckily his book is not just about theoretical suggestions, but he gives practical pieces of advice on how you should find your calling, how you should find some ideas from what you’ve already done and tells you quite a few success stories not just about well-known people, but for instance about ordinary, yet special people who do everyday jobs, but they love the ones they chose. In the end, the most important is that you love what you do and still you make some money with it, right? Read this book, if you want to figure out how.