Blog 2018 03 16 Carl Gustav Jung: Man and His Symbols

Carl Gustav Jung: Man and His Symbols

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In the book category, I have mostly posted about IT related books, but in fact, I read at least as many non-IT books as well. Recently I finished a gigantic book of Carl Gustav Jung, called Man and His Symbols.

It’s an enormous work of not just Jung, but of his associates. This book was meant for the general public. Of course not for those sitting in front of the TV all day long watching reality shows. Anyway, those did not exist half a century ago. But I’m sure there were other time water activities available.

Once Jung gave an interview for the British television and a leader of a book publishing company was amazed by it. In fact, he was convinced that Jung should write a book about how he sees the human mind, about his most important ideas in a way that is understandable and interesting for the non-specialist public.

The only obstacle was Jung and his determination not to write that book for many reasons. He resisted for some time, but then he had a dream. He dreamt that he was addressing a big audience and they are listening to him with care. This dream meant to him that he should write the book. So after laying down his conditions, he decided to dedicate his last years to write the book together with his well-picked team. He finished his own chapter about ten days before his final illness came and by that time he already approved the drafts of the other chapters.

If you’ve been ever interested in the history of the subconscious mind, if you’ve ever thought that dreams are important, or you are just interested in how religions from all over the world and beliefs are related to each other and our subconscious images, take your time and read this book. It’s not the easiest read, even though it’s not for specialists. Still, it’s enjoyable and will make you think! Have a nice read!

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