Blog 2018 01 25 How Wine-Disco is progressing?

How Wine-Disco is progressing?

At the time I was building a Neo4j database including the wine regions and sub regions in Hungary, just like rhe different types of grapes grown at each. Now I kind of done with this and each week I dedicate a one or two pomodori to gather Hungarian wineries.

Well, Uncle Bob writes totally against this in his book Clean Architecture. He says that such decisions, like one about the database should be deferred as much as possible. That’s how he built FitNesse for example. I think he is right. But in my case, I was looking for an application to support my learning about Neo4j.

I said that I want this application to be online by the end of September. It’s been up and running since the 29th of October, so I missed my target a month ago. It was already working on my local, but that doesn’t count.

I had some issues with finding free hosting for my application. I had to find a place for the database and for the web app itself. Prefereably at the same place but it didn’t work out. The first place I tried was Python Anywhere. I liked the platform, but the free plan didn’t work out well for me. It doesn’t host databases and although it supports connections to graphenedb, but only via http and I wanted to use bolt. In fact I was lazy and didn’t want to modify those few classes.

I ended up using Heroku, which I think is also fine. In the beginning I found a bit more difficult to deploy my application, but once I learnt how to do it, it’s simple. Now it’s even connected to the hosting github repository, so I have continuous deployment. Though continuous integration is missing, I should think about that.

I host my database at grapehedb which has some free plans for small databases and so far so good for me.

I feel that these free services doesn’t provide high availabitity and high speed, but it doesn’t really matter for the moment. I have an application, it’s online and available.

Even though now it provides quite some information, it is quite ugly. So my next steps are to give it a nicer looks and a bit better navigation between the nodes. Even tough I think that the navigation is not that bad since I removed a few bugs and I added navigation though hyperlinks from the details section.

Please leave a note here or send me a mail if you have any constructive criticism!

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