Blog 2017 07 27 A manager who wants to help

A manager who wants to help

Yes. These months I work a bit far from my manager on a separate project with people from many different teams.

He scheduled a meeting with me which I thought would be about my middle year review. I hadnled the meeting and the preparation to it as such.

I thought it is about that even during the first quite a few minutes of the meeting. I thought it was just not called that because now it is a bit more difficult to evaluate my performance as I am working farther from my originating team.

It turned out later that this is not about a middle year review, my manager was just curious what I have done during the last two months and he wants to see if I have any problem which he can help with. The first part is natural, the second part is a praiseworthy attitude.

We agreed that luckily I don’t need his help. There are no big issues within our team. The problem of effective time management and the waste of others’ time can be sorted out during continuous improvement supported by our retrospective meetings.

PS: I still think that this meeting took place because managers think they need face to faces and we could have had the same effect with video call if I worked remotely

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